Figure from 583 AC to 21 century…


In 2013 there was a remarkable acting regarding the most important character in Islam  after Prophet Muhammad and Abu Bakr Al Siddig .This series has brought the biography of great character for the mind of large number of Muslims people. hence ,this character is Omar Bin Alkhatab.the purpose of choosing this series is to represent the considerable influence of this great character from earliest  time until 21 century.

First of all, this essay is going to provide the reader by over view of his life and his personality as it has shown in the series . Therefore, his full name is Omar ibn Al-Khatab ibn Nufayl ibn AbdulUzza he was Born in 583 AC thirteen years after the year of the Elephant. Interestingly he was considered among his tribe as the most person who has a high level of rhetoric and eloquence in Arabic language, as its known Arabic language is distinguished by these two characteristic. beside that Omar Bin Alkhatab was educated at that time he was Able to write and read although his job was a tending sheep in his village.  Moreover he was good at many sports such as wrestling, riding and horsemanship.

In fact, he spent haft of his life in (aljahlyliah). even after Islam is emerged due to  he had a loyalty to his first faith and as not to being different from his tribe .however Omar went from being one of the strongest opponents of Islam to one of its staunchest belie.

Based on history of Islamic resources which mentioned many reason makes Omar Bin Alkhatab one of the most influence figure for Muslim people firstly: he defend for prophet Muhammad and Islam from any assaulting whether orally or physically which came from many people surrounded them  who were opponents of spreading Islam. Next: he was a great leadership which appeared from his attitude with people when he becomes ‘KHALIFAH’ after Prophet Mohammed dead. Third: his clear contributions in supporting Islam such as he sought to establish an Islamic calendar which starting from (Hijrah) therefore, currently there are many Muslim countries adapted to this Calendar especially regarding Religious rites. Moreover: he seems to be perfect module to any leader due to his reputation is great and has large number of nice characteristic which could be clear from his words .here is some Quotes of his utterance :

On the other hand, the series is considered as historical genre which has cost a large amount of money approximately 200 million Riyal .in addition the giant effort, hence there were two producers take the responsibility of make this series that are (MBC) center of Meddle East television and the Qatar institution of media. Interestingly, the director resort to choice two person to act this character  hence he choice one for his features and others to act his voice .however the Actions in this series which is contain 31 episodes is about his life from  when he was child until he dead .what’s more, this work is a huge work and accurate work due to the Scenario of this series revised by well-known Islamic scholars. Furthermore it has translated to several languages such as: English and Urdu.Omar series

All in all, nevertheless the character is from early age, the influence of him is reminded same among Muslim people which could be clear from the large number of book published whether by Arabic or other languages  which tend to consider his as  an inspiration person to many Muslim people due to his great characteristic.

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